01 April 2010

Hello (again).

Hello, everybody!

Whether you've just discovered me, or whether you've followed me here from Splendor Knitting, welcome to the new TricotChico blog!

This is the place to watch for new knitting patterns & projects by Homero Luna (aka 'TricotChico'), so stay tuned; there's plenty of wooly hotness just around the corner! :o)

Here's a blurb about me, in case you're completely new here (welcome!): I'm a 30-something guy living in Brooklyn, NY. I started knitting in 2007 because I wanted a Gryffindor scarf & couldn't find one in stores, so I figured I'd just make it. While working on that project, I started thinking of other clothes & accessories I also wanted, but had a hard time finding, & decided I would knit those, too. I soon realised that most knitting patterns for men's garments & accessories were not my style. I ended up designing most of what I knit, and eventually decided to share these designs with others.

This blog will be a place to share my thoughts on knitting & designing stuff that is both wearable & interesting to knit, as well as a venue for people to buy & download my patterns.

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