04 April 2010

Osmundiale Beanie & Wristers

Hey there, I wanted to give a quick look at some of what I've been working on.

One of my goals has been to create hand-knitting patterns for men's garments & accessories that are both wearable for a wide range of guys, and are interesting to knit. To that end, I've been playing with some basic techniques to create textures in knitted fabric that are engaging for the knitter, and not too overwhelming for the guy next door.

The Osumundiale Beanie & Wristers set is the result of some of these early experiments. This set uses a texture pattern that is created entirely with simple increases & decreases, & each piece is very wearable for Men and Women.

Pattern: Osmundiale Beanie & Wristers set (my own)
Yarn: The S/M set is shown in Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted Concord Tweed (Wool 90%, Acrylic 7%, Viscose 3%) in 'Gold Spice'.
The M/L set is shown in Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted (Wool 100%) in 'Dolphin'.
Needles: Addi Turbo Circulars in sizes US5 & US7

Both accessories come in sizes S/M and M/L. The S/M wristers are, effectively, a Men's Small/Women's Medium, and will fit a hand approximately 7.5" in circumference. The S/M beanie is sized to fit a head approximately 22" in circumference.--which is appropriate for most heads, really. The M/L wristers fit a hand about 8" in circumference, making them a Men's Medium/Women's Large. The M/L beanie is really for those of us with 'large craniums', as I like to explain it, and will fit a head approximately 24" in circumference.

While I was developing this stitch pattern, the symmetric horizontal lines that are created by the paired decreases reminded me of the doubled leaflets of the Cinnamon Fern (Osmundastrum cinnamomeum), so I felt it made sense to give the knits a name that reflected their inspiration. The instructions for the beanie & wristers both come with options for the ribbed edge or the rolled edge treatments shown, and the beanie includes instructions for a more fitted version, as well as for the slouchy version you see here.

I love the way the slouchy beanie shape & rolled edging form a structural counterpoint to the very regimented & linear stitch pattern, while the ribbed edging provides that fit & structure that many people love w/their knits.

These & other patterns (to be blogged soon) are currently available in my Ravelry store. You can also ask for the Osmundiale Beanie & Wristers Set pattern wherever you find Universal Yarns, which you can also buy directly from their website. These accessory patterns will be available bundled into one pattern in stores, or you can buy them separately in my Ravelry Store. You can also buy these patterns with PayPayl by using the links below, even if you are not a Ravelry member. The cost of the bundled pattern is the same as what you would pay if you bought both the Beanie & Wristers patterns individually (in case you were curious about that. I know I would be. ;o) )

Osmundiale Beanie Pattern

Osmundiale Wristers Pattern

Remember, you don't need to be a Ravelry member to use the "buy now" links above. ;o)

Many thanks to my friend Melissa Diaz for modeling the Beanie & Wristers for me! She's also wearing the Matsudo Pullover that I designed for Men & Women--the pattern for that will be available in the next day or two, so y'all come back now, y'hear?


  1. They look amazing! Great job Homero :-)

  2. Cool texture! Je les aime. :-)

  3. How can we buy the men's gray one at the top?

  4. Hi, Anonymous,

    I appreciate your interest very much, however the project samples pictured are not for sale. You can purchase a PDF of the knitting pattern by clicking the "buy now" button at the bottom of the post, however.


  5. hi ! i purchased the beanie pattern. Possible to knit this pattern for scarf?