01 June 2010


I recently noticed that my knitting pattern "The Natural" has more than 100 projects on Ravelry. I'm not gonna lie: this is pretty awesome! It's always lovely to be able to make something that you enjoy & then see it so well received (like the one member who has knit it no fewer than eleventy-pi times!).

Of course, this is totally a "could not have done this without you" moment, so THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded the free pattern PDF (download it now!) and knit this project. Hopefully you'll continue to enjoy the part where I enjoy doing what I do.  <3

Also, the pattern is still available in French!!! How cool is that!?

"Les explications sont aussi dispondibles en Francais. Merci beaucoup a Marina Orry pour faire et oufrir cette traduction sur son blog!"


  1. Love the pattern. I dream of being this talented... (as I check out my 12X4 knitting extraordinaire that is the sole vision of my abilities...)

  2. Well done :D You need to start charging for your patterns ..haha Even if it was a dollar ..you know. It all adds up :D
    Gina x