03 May 2011

Yay for healthy kitties! Also, I made daffodils!

Kallisto is feeling much better, if not very much in the mood for a photo shoot. :o)  Last Tuesday morning, I noticed that she didn't seem to have been grooming herself; I'm sure she was feeling poopy enough that it wasn't much of a priority--we've all felt that way once or twice, right? I decided that I'd give her a "sponge bath" with a warm towel when I got home. I had done it before when she was recovering from her spay surgery & I was sure she'd appreciate feeling clean without all the effort. 

I got home to find that not only had she cleaned herself up, she had cleaned out her food bowl! Few things say "I'm feeling much better!" more than a hearty appetite, no matter who you are, am I right!? We still have a week of twice daily oral antibiotics to get through. As you can see, Kallisto is super excited about these:

In other good news, the bulbs I finally potted up in late January have started to bloom. The crocuses have actually come & gone, but somehow I wasn't as excited about them as I hoped I would be. It happens. The "Dutch Master" daffodils are going strong, though.

"Salome" opened her last bud this week, & the first to open have aged to that lovely peachy-pink that I like so much. The trumpets on these are bright yellow, as you can see on some of the flowers toward the back. After about a week (depending on temperature & light, I'm sure), the yellow changes to this gorgeous color:

It worked out pretty well, really; most of the daffodils that were growing in the ground have started to fade. This way, I get a few more weeks of daffodil goodness!

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  1. I am so glad that she is feeling better! And you are 110% correct that an empty food bowl equals feeling better!