11 July 2011

Sewing for Blythe Dolls

I made this skirt & top for Banessa a couple of weeks ago. They're both super simple & I like how they turned out. I hope to refine the idea of the skirt, at least, & make a few more.

Tonight, I tried to make a dress for Olive. It’s not what I had in mind & I’m suddenly really pretty annoyed about it.

The fit is wonky (it’s supposed to be able to go over her shoulders), I wanted the sleeves to be puffy, & on seeing it now, I think the sleeves & body of the dress should be the same fabric. Probably they should both be same fabric as the body of the dress. I made little darts for her boobs, & I think that helped the fit some, I guess.

Blerg. I guess I'll have to try again another time. Now, I should probably sleep.

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